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Fonds/collection: MCNEIL, Bill
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with written permission of copyright owner : with permission of Bill McNeil
CBC has rights only for one broadcast of each of the programs.
Contact for Bill McNeil: Dawn McNeil Lemaire.
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Accession number: 1989-0460
Item number (ISN): 142813
Media: Audio
Title: Voice of the Pioneer
Mandelkern, Ben - Interview
Part: 1 of 1
Production date: 1988

Production company:

Bill McNeil (Interviewer)

Country of production:

Description: ORAL HISTORY

Interview of Ben Mandelkern, author of Escape from the Nazis, a book about his experiences as a Jew trying to survive in Nazi - occupied Poland. Mandelkern talks about his escape from a train transporting him to the Treblinka concentration camp; the nightmares and anguish he suffered as he wrote the book, reliving his experiences, his being on the run from the Nazis, constantly between 1942 to 1945; and Polish Catholics who sheltered him. He helped out at Catholic Church services, as part of his concealment of his Jewish identity. Mandelkern expresses his satisfaction that he has published his eyewitness account, at a time when some people are trying to distort the history of the mistreatment of the Jews in the Second World War. He recounts his many close calls in encounters with German soldiers.


1. Interview edited for broadcast on the CBC Radio series Voice of the Pioneer in three installments.

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A1 9812-0018

Physical description
Source: DSINTRNL - 142813