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Accession number: 2005-0253
Item number (ISN): 367226
Media: Video
Title: Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story
Part: 2 of 2
Version: CTV Broadcast Master
Production date: 2003

Production company:

Barna-Alper Productions
Great Blue Productions
Park Ex Pictures

Country of production:

Production credit: director, John L'Ecuyer; executive producer, Lazlo Barna; Carol Hay; Kevin Tierney; script, Suzette Couture; photography, Pierre Mignot; editing, Denis Papillon; music, Bertrand Chénier
Cast credit: David Eisner, Stewart Bick, Julie Khaner, Rémy Girard, Pascale Montpetit, Alberta Watson
Description: DOCUDRAMA

Part two of two. "Choice" is a film recounting the story of Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a General Practicioner who challenged the law to ensure a woman's right to choose a safe abortion. In 1968, Dr. Morgentaler, a surviver of the Holocaust, performed his first illegal abortion in 1968. After opening his abortion clinic in Montreal he was arrested in 1973. Despite having been found innocent by a jury of his peers, the province of Quebec appealed and he was sentenced to prison. He eventually won in Quebec when the government legalized abortion. He brought the fight to Ontario where in 1988 the Supreme Court took notice and voted in favour of legalized abortion. Abortions are now performed legally all over Canada using Morgentaler's safe method. <46mn 7s>
Copyright status: Under copyright.

Copyright owner:

Copyright owner: Choice Films Inc., 2003.
Copyright owner: BAGB Productions Inc., 2003.
Donor restrictions: No donor restrictions.


1. Produced with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund created by the Government of Canada (Telefilm Canada: Equity Investment Program) and the Canadian Cable Industry (CTF: License Fee Program); the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.
2. Produced and developed in association with CTV.
3. Developed and produced with the assistance of the COGECO Program Development Fund.
4. Financed with the participation of Minds Eye International.
5. Produced with the collaboration of Radio-Canada.
6. Produced with the assistance of Quebec: Film and Television Tax Credit administered by SODEC; Government of Ontario Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit.
7. Two copies received.
8. Program duration total 92mn 12s. For sake of reference, time split evenly between both parts.

Physical description
Source: DSINTRNL - 367226