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Fonds/collection: TRIPTYCH MEDIA INC.
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Accession number: 2007-0113
Item number (ISN): 382552
Media: Film
Title: Emotional Arithmetic
Part: 6 of 6
Production date: 2007

Production company:

Triptych Media Inc.
BBR Productions Inc.

Country of production:

Production credit: director/executive producer, Paolo Barzman; producer, Anna Stratton; Suzanne Girard; executive producer, Robin Cass; script, Jefferson Lewis; photography, Luc Montpellier; editing, Arthur Tarnowski; sound, Dimitri Médard; music, Normand Corbeil
Cast credit: Susan Sarandon, Christopher Plummer, Max Von Sydow, Roy Dupuis, Gabriel Byrne, Dakota Goyo, Domini Blythe, Kris Holden-Reid, Regan Jewitt, Alexandre Nachi, Maeva Nadon, Yvon S. Aubé, Robert Richard, Jean-François Blanchard, Renée-Madeleine Leguerrier
Distribution: Country - distribution: cn
Name of distributor: Seville Pictures Inc.
Description: DRAMA

EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC is a fictional drama about three Holocaust survivors, based on Matt Cohen's novel of the same name. Melanie, a beautiful, emotionally-scarred woman in her fifties; Jakob, a heroic survivor of Auschwitz and Soviet psychiatric wards; and Christopher, a high-profile British novelist, now working as an entomologist, formed a life-long bond in the 1940s, while housed at Drancy. Drancy was a World War II transit camp established on the outskirts of Paris, which served as a holding station for prisoners, mostly Jews, en route to forced labour and extermination camps. Forty years after the liberation, the three survivors are reunited for the first time on Melanie's farm in Canada, a beautiful land surrounded by a picturesque paysage and a gorgeous blue lake. Melanie, now prone to nervous breakdowns, is married to David, her former university professor, whose compulsive infidelity and distracting cynicism have impacted their relationship. Christopher, Melanie's childhood friend from the camp, is still madly in love with her. Both Melanie and Christopher owe their lives to Jakob who sacrificed himself to save the two youngsters from the Nazi prison. As the shadows of the past are thrown upon the present, the story explores the intricate possibilities of love in the face of traumatic memories. <1h 39mn 33s>
Copyright status: Under copyright.

Copyright owner:

Copyright owner: Production Arithmetic Québec Inc., 2007.
Copyright owner: Arithmetic Ontario Productions Inc., 2007.


1. Emotional Arithmetic is a Québec-Ontario co-production.
2. International distribution: Celluloïd Dreams.
3. Produced with the financial participation of Telefilm Canada; Government of Québec - Film and Television Tax Credit, Gestion SODEC; SODEC - Société de développement des entreprises culturelles - Québec; Astral Media: The Harold Greenberg Fund; The Movie Network, an Astral Media Network; Super Écran (SE), an Astral Media Network; Corus made with Pay Development Fund.
4. Produced with participation from Movie Central, a Corus Entertainment Company; Government of Ontario - Film and Television Tax Credits, Ontario Media Development Corporation.
5. Produced with the participation of the Government of Canada - The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.
6. Produced in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
7. Developed with the assistance of the COGECO Program Development Fund.
8. Filmed on location in the Eastern Townships of Québec.

Physical description
Source: DSINTRNL - 382552