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Accession number: 2008-0044
Item number (ISN): 427342
Media: Video
Title: Life and Times
Encounters with Moses
Part: 1 of 1
Release date: 2006-06-26

Production company:

90th Parallel Film & Television Productions

Country of production:

Production credit: director/producer/photography, Mike Sheerin; executive producer, Gordon Henderson; editing, Michael Hannan; photography, Brian Marleau; Jerry Vienneau; sound/sound editing, Mark Krupka; music, Bruce Fowler; production manager, Susanne Cuffe
Distribution: Country - distribution: cn
Name of distributor: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Description: DOCUMENTARY

The documentary is an intimate portrait of the career and life of Moses Znaimer, co-founder and creative force behind, among other things, Citytv, MuchMusic and Bravo!. Moses is one of the more colourful and controversial characters in Canadian television history. To some he's a brilliant visionary - to others, an egotistical bully. Director Mike Sheerin probes the carefully crafted persona, revealing much about the man behind the myth. In an emotional encounter, Moses reflects on the trauma of his past. He and his parents fled the Nazis, escaping his native Tajikistan for Montreal. But the rest of his family perished in the Holocaust. The biography traces the rise from refugee to TV producer and host, featuring highlights from CBC programs of the 60's. One memorable scene shows a young Moses interviewing feminist Gloria Steinem while she irons. We see him in action at Citytv, "the little station that could," and follow him as he creates his empire. But in January 2003, after a reign of 30 years, Moses Znaimer suddenly left Citytv. Speculation was rampant - did he quit or was he fired? In the documentary, Moses is asked to explain what happened in his own words, and more important, to share how he felt. The result is a tense exchange that is both riveting and revealing. <45mn 30s>
Catalogue number: 109985
Copyright status: Under copyright.

Copyright owner:

Copyright owner: 90th Parallel Film & Television Productions Ltd., 2006.
Copyright owner: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006.
Restriction on consultation: Open for consultation.
Donor restrictions: No donor restrictions.


1. Program was produced with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund created by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Cable Industry (CTF: Licence Fee Program), and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.
2. Program was produced with the participation of the Ontario Film Development Corporation Tax Credit Program.
3. Program was produced in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
4. Synopsis taken from 90th Parallel's press release -

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Source: DSINTRNL - 427342