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Fonds/collection: FACKENHEIM, Emil L.
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with permission of Emil Fackenheim
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Accession number: 1979-0057
Item number (ISN): 435453
Media: Audio
Title: [Fackenheim, Emil L. - Interview]
Part: 2 of 2
Production date: 1978/1979

Country of production:

cn ?
Production credit: interviewer, Eric Koch
Description: ORAL HISTORY

An interview of Professor Emil Fackenheim by Eric Koch, CBC producer and author of projected book on an internment camp, about Emil Fackenheim. Interview discusses his early experiences in Germany, his connections, his father; the Fackenheim family, genealogy of the family, participation in the Thirty Years War; Jews, assimilation of Jews in Germany; his political beliefs, the blend of German and Jewish nationalism, his experiences in Berlin and Halle prior to the Second World War, his experiences in a concentration camp, his release, his escape to Scotland, his parents' escape in August 1939; Scotland, Emil Fackenheim's experiences of; his response to persecution, the affirmation of his Jewishness, his feelings for other victims, the Armenians, his opinions on Menachim Begin and Ytzhak Rabin, internment, attitudes of the British towards refugess from Germany; Neville Chamberlain, Fackenheim's view of the Chamberlain government; refugees, May 1940 internment of refugees, no public demand for internment, fear of Fifth columnists, deportation of Jewish refugees to Canada; his internment in Douglas, the Isle of Man, his admiration of Winston Churchill, recollections of a fellow internee-member of the Hohenzollern family; Canada, arrival in Canada of the internees; Emil Fackenheim, his knowledge of Canada, his arrival in Quebec, experiences in camp, the story of his selection as "President" of the "Camp University", the transfer to Sherbrooke, his experiences in the Sherbrooke Camp, relations between groups in camp, fellling trees, religious ceremonies, camp rivalries, discussion of the "Kitchener" group, discussion of the fate of the internees, Emil Fackenheim's release in December 1941, exhileration of the release, the lessons of the camp; Jews, fear of Nazi success in the War among Jewish internees; Emil Fackenheim, his doctoral studies, reactions to Canada, the need for refugees to forget they are refugees. <2hr 9mn>

Physical description
Source: DSINTRNL - 435453