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Copyright owner: Wandering Tulip Productions (Elida Schogt).


1. ZYKLON PORTRAIT has won: Best Short, Best Editing and the Vision TV Humanitarian Award, Hot Docs: Canadian International Documentary Festival 2000; Best Debut Prize, Documentary Category, New York Exposition of Short Film and Video, Onda Curta Portugal.
2. ZYKLON PORTRAIT has been singled out for: Honourable Mention, Best Canadian Film of the Festival, Hot Docs: Canadian International Documentary Festival; Honourable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival; Special Mention, Fipresci Jury, International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam.
3. THE WALNUT TREE was screened at festivals throughout the world including: Toronto International Film Festival, September 2000; Ryerson Gallery, Toronto, October 2000; Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival, New York, November 2000; Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California, November 2000; Tampere 30th International Short Film Festival, Finland, March 2001; and Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 2001. [1-1]
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Accession number: 2001-0184
Item number (ISN): 329907
Media: Film
Title: The Walnut Tree
Original title: The Walnut Tree
Part: 1 of 1
Production date: 2000
Release date: 2000

Production company:

Wandering Tulip Productions

Country of production:

Production credit: director/producer/scenario/photography/editing, Elida Schogt; music, Tom Third; sound editing, Julie Saragosa; musician, Coenraad Bloemendal (cello)
Distributor: Current distributor: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Country of distribution: cn
Name of distributor: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Description: DOCUMENTARY

As a follow-up to ZYKLON PORTRAIT, THE WALNUT TREE offers a combination of documentary and experimental approaches to examine Holocaust memory, the family and the role of photography in history. Three girls in Dutch costumes stand posing for their father. This fleeting moment, made static in a photograph, is contrasted with the moving imagery of railway tracks - tracks that carried the death transports - now blurred with memory and time. In a matter-of-fact tone, Schogt's mother describes how her parents tore several pictures out of the family albums when they fled the Nazis in 1943. The albums were kept safe in a warehouse in Amsterdam. Schogt's mother recounts how the walnut tree her parents planted was cut down during the war. After the war, her sister finds the tree with several new shoots - now a huge tree that bears quantities and quantities of delicious fresh walnuts every year. <11mn>
Copyright status: Under copyright

Copyright owner:

Copyright owner: Wandering Tulip Productions (Elida Schogt)


1. Subject description provided by the filmmaker, Elida Schogt.
2. Selected screenings: Toronto International Film Festival, Sept. 2000; Ryerson Gallery, Toronto, Oct. 2000; Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival, New York, USA, Nov. 2000; Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley California, USA, Nov. 2000; Tampere 30th International Short Film Festival, Finland, Mar. 2001; Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA, Mar. 2001.
3. Archival sources: Archiwum Dokumentocji Mechanizney; Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie (Netherlands Institute for War Documentation); United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Yad Vashem Photo Archives; Yivo Institute for Jewish Research.
4. Funding sources: National Film Board of Canada: Filmmaker Assistance Program; City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council; Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto.
5. First film in a trilogy of short films, along with ZYKLON PORTRAIT and SILENT SONG, on the Holocaust and Ms. Schogt's family's experiences.

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V1 2002-01-0019

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Source: DSINTRNL - 329907